Countess Von Suave is a rich woman that Lady Virginia Richington met at the Greyhound race in the episode Wish You Were Shear


Like Lady Richington, Countess Von Suave is very snooty and knows anyone that is rich. For example, she knew a rich family whom's ancestors came to the United States on the Mayflower. She is the owner of An Ideal Date, a grey hound who was Swanky's temporal love interest.  

Hatred of SheepEdit

The Countess cannot stand sheep like Lady Richington. She stated that whenever she sees a sheep, she takes out her titanium dentures and hits them into fluffy pulps (like how Lady Richington takes off her stainless-steel wig.)  

When Sheep threw his wool onto Lisa Rental, the Countess and Lady Richington began to attack Lisa because they thought she was a sheep. 

Following the credits, the Countess and Lady Richington argue whether it better to smack or swack a sheep.