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Ranting Swede: It-a makes me so mad! (takes out a meatball) Why do people call these meatballs? (throws the meatball off-screen) They're not balls! (starts bouncing a basketball) A ball, you can play with! A ball is fun, and bouncy, bouncy, bouncy! (takes out the meatball again) This, it just goes to pieces if you try to hit it with a tennis racket! It doesn't even hurt if you kick it! (the meatball splatters on the floor, and he kicks it) These are meat-LUMPS! These are lumps, not balls (a beach ball appears, and he throws them off-screen) I can't understand it! (saddening up) And it's my own people doing this. I hang my head in shame.

General Specific: (over the phone): We'll be right over!
(doorbell rings and Lady Richington answers it)
Lady Richington: How did you get here so fast?
General Specific: We used the plot device!
Plot Device: Hello!

Ben Plotz: Suddenly, Sheep hears a voice, a voice that will change his live forever!
Random Guy: Peanuts, get your peanuts here.
Ben Plotz: Sorry, not that one, the next one, coming up.
Lady Richington: Come along, Swanky.

General Specific: Private Public, try to find me something for these inexplicable memory lapses I've been having.
Private Public: I'll get on it, sir.
General Specific: Thank you. Oh yes, and try to find me something for these inexplicable memory lapses I've been having.
Private Public: Right away, sir.

General Specific: Private Public, I have this nefarious desire to capture that sheep, but I can't remember why.
Private Public: Maybe you should check the pilot script, sir.

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